Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wet Felting

At last I got to try wet felting! I have tried needle felting in the past, but not wet felting.
There was a craft day, organised by the WI today, and I was able to go.
It was run by a lovely woman called Sarah, who explained it all very well.
My friend Natasha and I had great fun, whilst most people were just doing one colour with a few strands of another, we had to try to do something more creative!
My fav one is my poppies one, I think I am going to add a few more embellishments and then may frame that one!
What do you think??

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soggibottom said...

I only went a couple of times. :-) Stood at the back and didn't sing... not good :-) But good felting :-) :-) :-) xxx