Monday, April 18, 2011



Well we are back from our week in Spain! It was a lovely week that flew by.
The Villa was lovely, although the boys would have preferred a heated pool!

We stayed near to L'Ametlla De Mar, which has a lovely harbour.
On the Tuesday we set off on the train to Barcelona, it was a 2 hour train journey and then we had to negoiate the Metro system, which we did! The high light was the Gaudi Sagrada Familia, it was Amazing! I have never seen stained Glass like it, we were all impressed. then we took the Metro to the shopping area and I just loved the Architecture ! we shopped and ate then had to get the train back.
The next 2 days we spent at Port Aventura, a big theme park, which we all thoroughly enjoyed, even the shows were good!


KClark Photography said...

Lucky you. Looks like fun.

Kev's Slot said...

Glad you had such a great time Karen and welcome back to the IOM

Cris said...

LUCKY!! That looks wonderful! I've never been to Europe at all.

fRiDa aMoRe PaPiLLoN said...