Sunday, July 29, 2012

new ATC's

Here are some cards for recent swaps I have entered:

The second set are for Pick -a - theme swap, where you are in a group of 5 and everyone picks a theme, and then the other players have to do that theme for them.So I had to do a flower, whimsical tree, shih tzu dog, guppy....I picked Frida, so I will receive 4 Frida cards :)
The first set is for a 2 column swap, where you pick a theme from column A and column B, so my cards are,stripey socks and wellies, Bird and wellies, cat and stripey socks.
The last group are for the Accessorizing Alice swap.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back to ATC's

About 4 years ago I joined an amazing online community and my creative journey took off. I had always been artistic, but had never been encouraged as a child and then work and children took over. After finding an online community which encourages and supports, I began to call my self an Artist!! I explored many mediums and I think I have found my style, and I was brave enough to open my Etsy Shop
For those of you who don't now what ATC's are , they are Artist Trading Cards, which are 2.5 x 3.5 inches and you trade or sawp them with others from around the world. Its for all levels of ability, just a yearning to make art will do! I have hundreds of cards from people all over the world.
I haven't entered any swaps for a while and I am so pleased to be back swapping again. Here are some cards from a couple of swaps I have entered. One is Dark/Fallen Angles, the other is Our Lady of Guadalupe. I send in 3 cards ( an extra as a gift for the person hosting the swap ) and then I get 3 different cards in return!