Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Gloria.

May I introduce you to Gloria?

This is Gloria the Angel and she is woodburned , then painted onto reclaimed wood. I love that she is making use of an unwanted piece of wood. I have made it so the beauty of the original wood shows through. I think it adds to Glorias charm :)

Oooh and I nearly forgot to say that my 16 yr old got his exam results today, he got 6 A* s, 4As and a B. He had the highest results for English in the school!! Well done Oliver!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New artblocks

Check out my new artblocks, blocks of wood, with my artwork on them. Just the right size to sit on a shelf or table, and a lovely size to collect.
only $7.50 in my etsy store

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip out on the tram

On Friday Toby and I took a trip on the tram- the Electric railway-
It runs from Ramsey where we live in the North of the Island to Douglas the Capital in the South. We travelled half way, to Laxey, home of the famous Laxey wheel. It travels along the coast and you get some dramatic views. We had refreshments at the Laxey station, then had an hour to wander around before catching the tram back. We walked down by the river, and to where they have restored a simular wheel to the big Laxey wheel. We saw lots of late summer butterflies.
A lovely trip out!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finished my commission painting.

I got asked by a friend on etsy to do a painting for her. She wanted something with an Angel, to celebrate children and their family. So this is the Angel that came to me, she is called the Angel of Family and Fertility. I used an organic pea pod shape with shapes in it to represent children and what they mean. I was nervous as to whether or not she would like it, but she does! I am so pleased :0

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First prize!

I was part of the winning entry for the local agricultural show.

The WI (womens Intitute) I am a member of, put an entry into the Big agricultural show and we won first prize. The theme was musicals and we chose Phantom of the Opera. The display was black, gold and red, and very eye catching. we had to submit 5 enritries as part of the display that would be judged as well. I made a programme and helped to make a mask, someone else made a cake with the phantoms mask on it and some truffles and another made a floral display in the shape of a handbag. we were so pleased to get first, and with very high marks too!
This photo was before the show when we did a practise mock up.
I now have a silver cup to polish!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Yes I am back from my holiday...
I had a great time, its always nice to
catch up with family and take a break from everyday life. I always find it hard however to get going art wise when I get back!

We had a lovely time at Mums, then we when to my cousin Louise's wedding, which was really lovely, she looked beautiful, and thankfully the rain held off enough to allow photos outside the church.
Then we went off , with my parents to a lovely cottage in Derbyshire. There is so much to do around there, and it is beautiful. we went to the heights of Abraham, which you ascend and descend in a cable car ( this I didn't like!), we went down a mine, we went to a theme park Alton Towers, and the best day was the Friday when just Hubby and me went to Chatsworth house, which was simply stunning!