Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trip out on the tram

On Friday Toby and I took a trip on the tram- the Electric railway-
It runs from Ramsey where we live in the North of the Island to Douglas the Capital in the South. We travelled half way, to Laxey, home of the famous Laxey wheel. It travels along the coast and you get some dramatic views. We had refreshments at the Laxey station, then had an hour to wander around before catching the tram back. We walked down by the river, and to where they have restored a simular wheel to the big Laxey wheel. We saw lots of late summer butterflies.
A lovely trip out!


Christie Cottage said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you really enjoyed your trip!

Flor Larios Art said...

Wow! that is beautiful :)

Cheryl said...

Great photos! Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing way to spend a summer day. :) Thanks for sharing!