Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Gloria.

May I introduce you to Gloria?

This is Gloria the Angel and she is woodburned , then painted onto reclaimed wood. I love that she is making use of an unwanted piece of wood. I have made it so the beauty of the original wood shows through. I think it adds to Glorias charm :)

Oooh and I nearly forgot to say that my 16 yr old got his exam results today, he got 6 A* s, 4As and a B. He had the highest results for English in the school!! Well done Oliver!


Cheryl said...

Gloria is lovely, and it's wonderful that Oliver is such a gifted student! Good for him! :)

K said...

Kudos to Oliver - that is GREAT! I absolutely adore your painting - she is precious.

Christie Cottage said...

I love Gloria! I love all those girls that hang out in your shop!

Congrats to Oliver :-)

Elephunk said...

Congrats to Oliver!

Gloria is very beautiful. You must be proud (of both of them!)

Mixed Media Martyr said...

This is gorgeous, love that i is recycled!!

Cara said...

Yay for Oliver :)
You must be so proud!

And gloria is glorious :D

My name is CINDY...... said...

Love Gloria!!

and congrats to Oliver, our A level results were not quite so stunning but at least they were passes lol.