Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A fan

I am starting a new craft group in the WI that I am in, as there isn't one. There was quite a good response, and I needed to find an easy first project. So I thought we would make fans, this is my attempt, I am looking forward to seeing how the group gets on with it!

Don't forget my giveaway, see post below....its the last day to enter tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

These fans are truly beautiful. You have made them adorable.
This type of art is one of my favorites and the fans you made look top of the scale 110%

I want to thank you so much for your caring comment.
I have been sitting at the table staring at the half finished angel wondering what to do to change it. She is so beautiful I cannot.
Your message meant so much to me.
Bless you so much!

K said...

i love these fans...they are lovely!! wonderful job!!

Paula J said...

Beautiful fans! Starting a craft group is a great idea. Sometimes I feel like I'm crafting alone in my little corner of NH (except when I'm blogging and on Etsy of course!).


TanyaMac said...

Ooh thats a great starter project -I'd say they will all be delighted with the results! You will be a wonderful tutor :)* ♥

trudette, said...

Great project idea, these fans are beautiful .

Wunderkrafts said...

The fans are so great!! I Love Them!! You are so talented!!

I love anything vintage looking!!

Hope your group is a success!!


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful fan! Very creative.

Gaby Bee said...

These fans are gorgeous. Love the whole layout!
Gaby xo