Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back from trip

Thanks for all your good wishes for our trip, we had a lovely time. We went to the Lake District for the first day and night, staying with our friends Ian and Helen, in their cottage near Penrith. The boys wanted to go Kayaking in the afternoon (Ian has his own kayak), so we went to one of the lakes, and Toby, Ollie and Hubby had a go- they all had a great time! Nathan and Toby built a rock mountain by the lakeside.
Weds morning we set off for Chester, took us about 2 hours, then after checking in the hotel, it was off to Cheshire Oaks, a big outlet village, after much shopping it was time for dinner, then off to the cinema. Thurs we went to the zoo, then into Chester, which is an old Roman town, we shopped in the old town centre,the shops date from the 1600's as you can see from the architecture, we walked the walls, Chester still has the old roman walls,then dinner, then back to the hotel for a swim. Friday was more shopping, visiting a craft centre for me, then lunch, then we dropped Nathan back at his University and headed back for the ferry home!
I think we packed a week into 4 days!!


Jeanne Selep said...

Hello. I found your blog through the Etsy forum. I hope you can follow my blog too. ( I see you have 3 boys, so do I! and my youngest son is called Nathan. :) I also have a daughter, 10. Your kids are older then mine, mine range from 10-15 years old. I'm going to read more now!

Anonymous said...

What a great time away, looks and sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the photos of your family enjoying their hols. Chester is wonderfully old!

a1nnie said...

Looks like you all had a great time. It is nice to spend some time together having fun

A Smiling Girl said...

Thanks for sharing photos - sounds like a great trip! =)