Thursday, May 27, 2010


Well I am in my new house!! and I have to say I love it! Moving was very stressful and tiring, but well worth it :0
The Lady who has some of my artwork in her shop asked me to run the shop for her yesterday, and I really enjoyed it, I was able to take my sketch pad, which was great.

My Son had cooking today and he made the most delicious cheesecake, and the decoration was amazing! I don't think it will last long!


Zlatica said...

Congratulations to your new home! I wish you all the best in it.
The cake looks really great!

soggibottom said...

AND .... you have had time to blog :-)
ha ha... pleased you are safe and sound.....
No Christmas card, no address :-)
x x x

emma said...

great giveaway ,am following ur blog,following and retweeting u on twitter and also on facebook emma doughty holder,your art work is amazing and very unique ,i just love love love it x