Sunday, November 1, 2009

What happened???

Well I couldn't get on blogger yesterday, at all!! it was so annoying, but today its here :)

I had a lovely surprise the other day, the winner of my giveaway, Michele, from soggibottom, actually rang me to say thank you for the bag she received! She was so encouraging, it was lovely to talk to her and get some feedback, she made my day!! - thanks Michele :)

I have given my cards to the gallery, and put a few items in the local shop "Treasure". Treasure is a lovely shop run by Jenny. It is a jewelery shop and bead bar ,where you can buy alsorts of beading goodies, and there are workshops you can do, or you can call in and sit down and make an item of jewelery- what a fab idea! She also sells local art and crafts, and believe you me there are some lovely things in that shop!
So for me its fingers crossed that they now sell....please send me positive thoughts :)

I have made a few note card sets, one is for sale in my etsy shop.


Kelly aka STITCHNMOMMA said...

Congratulations on all the consignments you are getting from your local B&Ms!

Best Wishes to you!!!!

Cara said...

Way to go Karen! You are sure to do well! Keep us updated :)

Interesting what you said about the local bead shop! I had a similar idea of shop/coffee shop/workshops/materials!! Something i would love to do....

So lots of positivity coming your way :)

soggibottom said...

Thank you very much Karen. Beautiful art x x x

Dorothy said...

I'll be sending some good wishes for you and your success. Sounds like you have a good plan.

Dorothy from grammology

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Sounds like a sweet shop !!!