Sunday, October 4, 2009

I am in ArtTrader magazine again!!

I am so pleased to have one of my atcs in the art trader magazine again!!
It was from the whimsical Marie swap, its this card,
Go check out the magazine, its FREE, you just click to download, and then you can read at your leisure or print it off.
Its full of artwork and tips and ideas
this edition has the following;
  • Metal Manipulations
  • Artistic Journeys: Artful Aprons
  • Walk-Through Art: Fine Art Pears
  • Art for All 2009 - Art Weekend Highlights
  • Critique Corner with Andrea Melione
  • Design 911
  • Creating Mixed-Media Paper Beads
  • An Introduction to Art Markers
  • Portrait Art with Markers: Blending for Faces
heres the link


Christie Cottage said...


Cris said...

Congrats! That is wonderful! I will certainly check it out. I love ATC, by the way!

julie Haymaker thompson said...


Barbara said...

Love you work!

Mandala Michelle said...

Congratulations, you deserve it. You know I love your work. Could you tell me how you got into the mag? did you submit something or did they find your art and fall in love with it like the rest of us?

Marti crafts said...

Thats super, I really enjoy your art work, Congrats!

Cartoonie said...

Very cool Cat!!