Sunday, September 6, 2009


Thankyou to everyone who follows me on here and on facebook;
I am so grateful, and would like to offer, anyone who is a follower of my blog, or a fan of my facebook page 20% off anything in my etsy shop :)
Just covo me first, before purchase, and mention the word "fan" and I will adjust the price for you!
Heres my facebook page.
The photo is taken at my birthday lunch!


Anonymous said...

Your both look so beautiful and alike. So happy. Lovely to see you and your son.
Made my day seeing your smile!
Thank you!

soggibottom said...

Great looking lad there purplecat..he isgoing to have trouble in a few years ...hope he can run faster than the girls. x x x

Cris said...

Goodness--you and your son do look alike! How Nice! Happy Belated Birthday. PS I carry the tote bag I bought from you full of books to the preschool where I work!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! And what a great deal! 20%! Do you mind if I tweet this?? (I hope you don't because I'm off to do that right now, lol)