Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off on my holidays!

Just to let you know I am away now until 9th August.
Hopefully I will have some photos to share when I return.
We are going over to England to see my Parents, attend my cousins wedding ,
and have a relaxing week in a cottage in Derbyshire.
See you when I get back!!!


ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Safe travels and Have fun! We'll be here waiting when you come back :)

Kelly said...

Safe journey....Have a great time.

Suzie Rhodes said...

If you get this before you go (perhaps I have already missed the boat?!), maybe we could meet up here in sunny Derbyshire if you are near by? Let me know how you are fixed. I appreciate you have a busy week planned. x Sue

VBR said...

Have a wonderful trip! I have enjoyed my visit to your blog. Love looking at your work!

soggibottom said...

You have probably left by now.... have a great time x x x
bet you take a pencil x x x

soggibottom said...

Soggibottom is quite a way from where your headed BUT........ we always have the kettle on x x x

audrey said...

A cottage in England sounds heavenly!!
Your angels are so sweet. Just stopped by to say hi.